Tomageddon and BlowTheFish are two small games we made for the September Mini Game Jam, over the course of roughly eight hours. Both these games are designed for control using fruits and vegetables... wait, what?

Pretty much what's needed for the game.

We have used the MaKey MaKey which allows to connect a lot of stuff to the computer. In our case we have focused on edible objects.

The main game, Tomageddon is played in six people - one holds banana, two hold lemons, one holds tomato and two hold cucumbers. The banana controls his cannon by holding hands with one of his lemons and can shoot it by touching a plum. This shoots a melon seed out of the melon planet, towards the angry tomato.

We fitted the game to the topic: "disappointing apocalypse".

The game can be downloaded here. For the standard control, the banana uses left, right and space and the tomato up and down, which is not comfortable, but, hey, you are supposed to use what's in your fridge. To play it, you need Java 1.7.

As a proof of concept we made another game, BlowTheFish, where only four players take place. Everyone holds a single banana and by clapping with your team-mate, you are supposed to get the fish to your dynamite.

Topic for this one was: "lab experiment".

The game can be downloaded here. To play it, you need Java 1.7. The controls are just left for the first and right for the second player.

The games contain music from Incompetech, tracks Jaunty Gumption and Batty McFaddin.