Sojourner (originally called Airborn, but apparently there are some guys who registered it looong time ago and "may" actually make a game of that name at some point). The project was made for the VRJam contest—an event organised by the Ocullus Rift, developer of the virtual reality glasses that will be released I guess during the year 2014. We have unfortunately not made it into the finals.

We have created an entry in the team of two using Unity. As the game-play using the Rift is quite immersive, we wanted to create an authentic feel of being in a great height, combined with a touch of strangeness.

The depths are quite scary in places.

We also have a version that does not require the Oculus Rift to play. It is only slightly different from the Rift version, but loses a lot in the immersion.

The environment is presented using colours / sounds mainly.

If you find an error in a build of the game, please, let us know at: . For the non-rift version, gamepad-control is not available, mouse and keyboard must be used (and it has some other port glitches, mainly that you can get a bit stuck at places and need to shake around a bit to get further).