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Celesoids are a game we made over the course of three weeks for the Ouya console as a submission to the Ouya Game Jam. The results say we won. WHEE!

The game builds on the idea of a "hard on purpose" control scheme, such as do for example the games QWOP or Surgeon Simulator. In this case you control round biped creatures with wheels, that live as a remnant of early exploration of space on numerous celestial bodies (therefore Celestoids).

Life in space is never dull for a creature for which every meter of a distance is a victory.

These creatures however do not have that much energy to use, so their wheels do not posses motors. You can only brake the wheels. For the things to be more complicated, you have an individual brake for each wheel. Lastly, for each of the legs you use a different joystick - horizontal movement rotates the leg in the creature's hip and vertical extends/retracts the leg.

The game supports up to four colourful players.

The game was made using the free version of Unity with 2D physics (that turned out to be quite a pain to work with).

The games contain music from Incompetech, tracks Call To Adventure, Sneaky Snitch, Organic Grudge, Future Gladiator, Perspectives and In the Hall of the Mountain King. The characters were drawn by Lothar Narnis.

In case you like the game, you may enjoy my favourite piece Incredipede that also works with motion using individual limbs.

Gravity is not strong with the upper one.